IEEE RAS MY Presents Technical Talk – Plantar Pressure Distribution during Gait for Diabetic Patients – India

VENUE: Main Hall. Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Salem, India.
DATE: 11 March, 2017
TIME: 2 Pm – 4 pm
Event Presenter: Dr. AHAMED KHAN

Event Summary

Human walking is a very complicated movement. The complexity of walking occurs because it is not a single joint movement, but it is associated with different heterogeneous biomechanical mechanisms in the stance phase of gait cycle . A person’s way of walking or running is normally described as his/her gait. The stance and swing phases are the two main phases of the gait cycle. To measure plantar pressure, only the stance phase is taken into account whereby only during that phase that the limb is in direct contact with a sutalk.pporting surface. Cadence and walking speed form part of the two main spatiotemporal characteristics of the gait cycle. Cadence is described as the number of steps per second while the walking speed is the total distance covered over a specific period of time. The stride length is the distance travelled by one leg during one gait cycle and consists of the right step and left step. The normal stride time for a normal person is equal to 1 second while a healthy person’s walking speed is about 4 km/hr. The plantar pressure distribution on the foot for each person varies according to the foot configuration and as the whole body. Gait conditions for diabetic patients are most associated with usually high plantar pressure as the main risk factor for diabetic foot ulcers. High plantar pressure is the last stage in the process leading to the occurrence of diabetic foot ulceration along with other several factors.A research was conducted to study the plantar pressure distribution during gait for diabetic patients and the results were presented during the conference
At Government college of engineering, Salem, India an International conference on Advances in Robotics, Energy and Network systems [ICARENS 2017] was organised by Department of Technical education DOTE, Tamil nadu, sponsored by TEQIP-II. During this conference Dr.Ahamed khan was invited as presenter to deliver a talk. The research technical talk was presented in front of more than 300 students and staffs of various engineering colleges. The knowledge gained was useful for the students in terms of carrying out their research in the similar field.

Dr. Khan – First Row, the 3rd from Left Dr. Irraivan – Second Row, the 1st from Left

The event started at 10 am with a key note address from the principal Dr.J.Lakshmana perumal and Dr.M.Chandrasekaran. During the technical talk the principal introduced the event speaker Dr.Ahamed khan .Later Ahamed khan briefed the audience.

The event ended at 12 pm.