Keynote Speakers

Keynote Address – I. Topic: Lean manufacturing and beyond- Towards Industry 4.0

The Lean management system is a complete program that aligns and integrates long term strategic development planning and day to day improvement targets to make your company focused, flexible and ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Achieve continuous improvement in business performance through the elimination of waste. Here waste is treated as any activity in the work flow that adds time, effort or cost but does not add any value in the eyes of the customer. The basics of lean emerged out of JIT or TPS from the east and the basic elements of Lean are the Awareness, 5S, flow production, multi process handling, levelled production supported by Quick change over, Pull system, Quality and TPM in order to eliminate waste.

In the process towards achieving excellence, leverage the machine capability to capture data, for various analysis and facilitate controls thereby connecting to cyber physical systems ensuring timely decisions and achieve excellence a step towards smart manufacturing or industry 4.0. This will have a dramatic impact on organization’s ability to do things right first time, leading to higher quality, higher productivity, faster delivery and lower cost.

Dr. S. Rajkumar has over 27 years of experience in Automotive industry both OEM and Auto component and is currently heading Operations of M/s. Rane Engine Valve Ltd. His earlier assignments were with NS Instruments India, Apollo Tyres, a long stint at Lucas – TVS and Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Has worked across multiple functions like, Production Engineering, Manufacturing systems Engineering, Projects, Operations including – Production, Planning, Logistics, Materials, HR, Quality. Was responsible for setting up Green field sites and have been trained on practices like JIT, TQM in Japan and is an expert in implementation of them. He is a Mechanical & Production Engineer from Annamalai University, pursued M.Tech in Industrial Engineering from College of Engg., Trivandrum and an MBA in Marketing from IGNOU. Did his Ph.D from College of Engineering, Guindy. He is also an ICWAI, Six Sigma Black belt and a Lead auditor of IMS. He has published more than eight articles on both national and international journal and Life member of IEI, IIIE, AIMA, IIPE, NIQR.Rajkumar is married to Sujatha and has a daughter who has completed her B.Tech in CSE and just joined HCL.


Keynote Address – II. Topic: Robotics for future

Robotics technology seems to be arriving slowly but surely in cautious and well-considered stages. Right now robots are already among us. Personal robots are busy cleaning inside our homes and helping to maintain our gardens. Commercial robots are busy on the manufacturing side of the supply chain, mostly in the automotive sector. But where are all the robots in the logistics environment? Why are there so few advanced robots working in our warehouses, helping us to meet modern distribution challenges?

You will find that designing an advanced robot is expensive and a significant technological challenge. You will see that the distribution environment is complicated and difficult to automate. But every day there are breakthroughs in robotics, helping us to overcome these challenges. Funding is pouring into robotics research in unprecedented amounts from unexceed sources. And there are both large enterprise players and innovative startup companies focusing for the first time on extending the role of robotics beyond manufacturing and into the logistics side of the supply chain.

I would like to advise the delegates of the conference to extend your understanding of robotics with particular insights in the following areas: Understanding robotics in manufacturing and logistics, why is the time right to start investigating? Which leading technology trends are enabling robotics solutions in manufacturing? What are some of the potential use cases in the near future? How could robots change the world of logistics in the far future?

Dr. P. S. Kannan is the Professor (Emeritus), Electrical and Electronics Eng., Kings Engineering College, Punel Kulam. He graduated with a B.E. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University in 1976. He then pursued further study in Madurai Kamraj University; graduating with a M.Sc. (Engg) in Power System Engineering in 1979 and Ph.D. in Power System Economics in 1995. Dr P.S. Kannan is the Founder & Principal of Vaigai College of Engineering, Madurai and is the former HDEE & Dean of Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai. With over 34 publications in journals and 55 publications in conferences and 40 postgraduate thesis (12 Ph.D Thesis), Dr. P.S. Kannan is an experienced and distinguished speaker in the field. Some awards that Dr P.S. Kannan received includes four best paper awards from Institution of Engineers (India) and the Corps Subject Prize for Electrical Engineering in 2003 by Institution of Engineers (India). Dr P.S. Kannan is also part of various professional bodies including being a fellow of Institution of Engineers (India), Member in Indian Society of Technical Education and the former member of Academic Council of Anna University and Madurai Kamaraj University. Dr Kannan is also a reviewer in various international journals including IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, Emerging Electric Power Systems and Inter Science Journal. In addition to his publications, Dr P.S. Kannan has 3 registered patents and has authored 2 books while also being heavily involved in society relevant work.